Capturing Photos of the World’s Most Proven Airlifter

Watch this video to see a behind-the-scenes view of how Rossino captured this photo from one of his most recent photo shoots.
Rossino in action during one of his many photo shoots.
For almost 31 years, Aeronautics photojournalist John Rossino has traveled the world taking some of the most iconic shots of Lockheed Martin aircraft. Rossino, a former newspaper photographer, loves all the airplanes he’s photographed, but has a special connection with the C-130. From C-130As to Js — and many different variants in between — the Hercules has literally taken him around the world.
Rossino lets nothing stand in the way of capturing the perfect image. To do so, he’s flown to frozen tundras, walked through mine fields and been protected by the French Foreign Legion. He even flew in one of the first airplanes in American airspace after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks as he rode along with CDC doctors who being were transported from Atlanta to NYC.
His most recent Super Hercules photo shoot was not as treacherous as some of his previous assignments, but it still required his keen eye for detail. Watch this video to see how Rossino’s idea for the latest C-130J portrait went from paper to pixels.